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Vietnam & Cambodia Group Tour

Explore Angkor Wat & Halong Bay with other 30-45-year-olds

Highlights of Vietnam & Cambodia
14 DAYS, 4-12 PEOPLE


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Trip Highlights

Majestic Halong Bay

Lose yourself in Angkor Wat temple complex

Dive into bustling street food markets

1000 lanterns in enchanting Hoi An

Indico Travels' Specials

Stay overnight in a Vietnamese village

Enjoy sunset over Angkor Wat from a balloon

Learn to cook regional dishes with locals

Relax by the pool & beach

Have Halong Bay and Angkor Wat been on your bucket list for years? Join other 30-45 year-olds on this unforgettable trip to Southeast Asia. Together, you'll dive into authentic country life, delight in the breathtaking landscapes and fill your bellies with fantastic regional cuisine.

Your adventure begins with a nighttime scooter ride through Hanoi, soon followed by a homestay in a traditional mountain village, swimming under a waterfall, and downtime on the beach. The imperial city of Hue, lantern-adorned Hoi An, and the breathtaking World Heritage Site of Angor Wat temple complex offer more moments you'll never forget.

So if you're 30-45 years old and would like to discover Vietnam and Angkor Wat: just book this trip and pack your suitcase - we're waiting for you!

Angkor Wat Woman
Angkor Wat