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Martin Z

November 2022

Nepal: Hiking the Himalayas

First of all, I want to thank the Indico team, who made every effort to give us all the information we needed to prepare for the trip and to support us along the way! The concept is great! You meet as complete strangers from various countries all over the world and after just a few days it feels like travelling with a group of friends. Usually, I do not like organized group travels, but somehow it did not feel touristy. The trip itself was full of variety - from the crowded city of Kathmandu with its chaotic traffic to touristy Pokhara with bustling streets full of stores, restaurants and bars, the hike in the mountains with amazing views and beautiful nature in Chitwan national park. My highlights were the Early Childhood Development Center, which is a truly special place that I imagine not many outsiders get to experience, and the hike with all the places we have seen along the way. Personally, I would have liked the hike to be a bit more challenging. All in all, I recommend this trip and traveling with Indico in general :)

Jennifer S

November 2022

Nepal: Hiking the Himalayas

I'm typically against organized tours because they can be "cheesy" and too "touristy", but this tour with Indico was anything but. Here are some of my highlights: -Anup was an absolutely incredible guide. I feel like he really got to know us. Rajesh and Nimtay also went above and beyond - The days spent in the mountains were the highlight... it's truly breathtaking. Australian Camp is amazing (I do wish I knew it was a 1000m climb in advance- I would have prepped more but Anup modified things for me. Maybe an opportunity to have a group who does the more intense hike and one that does the less intense? Or just a warning in advance) - The dinner / momo making with the family - we felt SO welcome and it was so special. - The treehouse was a cool experience and I know Rajesh went above and beyond to ensure we were all comfortable there - Diwali was a really special experience - I feel so lucky I got to stay for this. Absolutely loved the rangoli making and the locals coming to watch. - The Butterfly Home - I don't even know where to begin, but I was incredibly touched by this experience. The mission of what Pushpa is doing is inspiring. I'm not sure how you arranged this connection but it was incredible. I'm still processing the incredible past 3 weeks but I can't wait to travel with Indico again.

Jasmin B

Oktober 2022

Nepal: Hiking the Himalayas

I really enjoyed my trip to Nepal. The tour was a good mixture to learn about the nature, culture and people. Our group was great and our tour guide, Anup, awesome. We had so much fun while exploring Nepal. The hotels were amazing and I loved staying there. The landscape is breathtaking and waking up in the mountains was a special experience. I can highly recommend this trip!


Oktober 2022

Colourful Colombia

The trip was amazing! The journey through Colombia was fabulous. It is such a beautiful colorful and diverse country. There is a lot to see and experience. From salsa dancing in the bustling cities to horseback riding in the beautiful countryside to relaxing on a Caribbean island with great people. Always happy.

Mina Kirollos

Colourful Colombia

I had an unforgettable time in Colombia with a very friendly group. First, the itinerary is almost perfect; my Colombian friends were impressed by how much we could see and do in 14 days. The tour was also very-well organised before and throughout the tour with the tour guide and the agency able to sort out any issues almost without us noticing. Colombia itself is a wonderful destination, with each region having a different climate and something special to offer, but all had beautiful colours and delicious food. The different activities made us feel we have been there for a month, not just 14 days. Much recommended.

Extra für Leute in ihren 30ern und 40ern gemacht

Bist du in deinen 30ern oder 40ern und willst mehr von der Welt sehen? Du möchtest lieber anderen die Reiseplanung überlassen? Oder vielleicht möchtest du nicht als Frau solo reisen? Dann bist du bei uns genau richtig! Wir von Indico Travels entwerfen Gruppenreisen für Leute in ihren 30ern und 40ern. Wir mischen die Highlights deines Reiselandes mit ungewöhnlichen & unvergesslichen Abenteuern - zum Beispiel einer Nacht im Baumhaus in Nepal. Lernt Einheimische kennen, kocht Landesspezialitäten, taucht ins Nachtleben ein und nehmt euch etwas Auszeit - und all das wird geplant und organisiert von uns, damit du einfach genießen kannst. Freu dich auf ein buntes Potpourri von Abenteuern, die speziell für Leute in deinem Alter ausgewählt wurden! Sind das Singlereisen? Wir bieten keine speziellen Reisen für Singles an. Manche Reisende sind single, manche in einer Beziehung. Reist du sonst solo? Bei einer Gruppenreise bekommst du einzigartigen Zugang zu Orten und Communities, die als alleinreisender Mensch schwerer zu erreichen wären. Wenn du Lust auf neue Erlebnisse hast, schließe dich einer Indico Travels Gruppenreise an und mach dich bereit, die Welt zu entdecken!

Wer ist Indico Travels

Indico Travels bietet englischsprachige Gruppenreisen für Leute in ihren 30ern und 40ern an, damit sie gemeinsam die Welt erkunden können. Die Marke wurde in Berlin gegründet von Sina Reischauer, einer leidenschaftlichen Backpackerin & Soloreisenden. Das gesamte Team setzt sich dafür ein, dass ihr eure Traumreisen erleben könnt!

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