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Travelers rate our tours 4.6 out of 5 stars on average!

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Our parent company Ventura Travel won Best German Travel Provider at the International Travel Awards 2018.

Yasmin, 30, Germany

"Booking this trip was the most spontaneous & best decision I ever made!" (Colorful Colombia)

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March 2022

Colorful Colombia

I loved our trip to Colombia. Colombia is so colorful and the the people are amazing. The activities on the trip are awesome. I couldn’t choose one I enjoyed the most because I loved all of them. Colombia wasn’t how I expected it - it was even better! I can highly recommend this trip!

Comuna 13 Medellín
Nina N of Frankfurt

March 2022

Colorful Colombia

I loved this trip! Our group was super cool and itinerary was packed of places and little adventures! In particular I enjoyed the horseback riding which was super fun although or because no one of us was an experienced rider. And we all turned back to teenage years again while tubing on the river ! Also the bike tour im Bogota and the graffiti tour in Medellins Communa 13 was super cool! The grand final was the private speedboat tour in Cartagena! Fun fun fun! It was so nice to experience this with others people at my age! Definitely a recommendation for everyone who wants to see and do a lot without the planning stress 😀 this trip makes the most out of the 2 weeks.

Peter E

March 2022

Colorful Colombia

This trip to Colombia offers various highlights: exciting mountainous landscape, vibrant cities and many insights into the country's history and culture. The nice and carefully chosen itinerary combines a variety of activities (e.g. horse riding in an amazing environment, biking in turbulent Bogotá, hiking in picturesque Cocora valley, diving into Medellin's and Cartagena's exciting day and nightlife). I highly recommend this amazing trip.

Sona R of Gießen

March 2022

Winter Wonders in Finland

The whole trip was wonderful. Some of the great activities were reindeer sleigh ride and husky safari. Also the untouched winter nature with sunlight gave a real feeling of winter wonderland. The highlight was, of course, seeing the northern lights. I am so happy that weather allowed us to see the lights. Overall, it was fantastic experience and very well organised.

Sean on snowmobile

February 2022

Winter Wonders in Finland

I would highly recommend this trip to Rovaniemi. A winter holiday is so different to a normal holiday and Indico had everything planned to perfection. The accommodation was perfect and riding with Reindeer, Huskies and on snow mobiles gave me a new experience every day of the trip

What Indico Travels can do for you

Are you a 30-45 year-old solo traveler that enjoys company? Would you like someone else to take over trip planning for you? Or perhaps you're not keen to solo travel as a woman? You've come to the right place! We at Indico Travels create small group tours for solo travelers 30-45 years old. On our trips, we combine the highlights that your destination has to offer with unique, unforgettable activities - such as staying in a tree house overnight in Nepal. Meet locals, cook traditional dishes together, check out the nightlife and delight in stunning landscapes. Let us take over the trip planning and coordination while you simply enjoy your well-earned break! Are these singles' trips? We don't specifically offer tours for singles. Around a third of our travelers are in relationships and join us without their partners to treat themselves to some "me time". Are you normally a solo traveler? On a group tour you can get to places you'd otherwise miss out on - for example a lodge in the Colombian jungle that is only accessible by boat. If you're keen to explore the world, join a solo travel group with Indico Travels and get ready to go!

We are Indico Travels

Indico Travels runs group tours for 30-45 year-old solo travelers so they can explore the world together. The Berlin-based brand is headed up by Sina, a passionate solo traveler in her late 30s. The whole team is passionate about helping people take their dream tour, even if their friends can't join.

Indico Travels team