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High Customer Satisfaction
Our average rating by participants is 4.5 out of 5 stars!
Best Travel Provider
Our parent company Ventura Travel won Best German Travel Provider at the International Travel Awards 2018.
Yasmin, 30, Germany
"Booking this trip was the most spontaneous & best decision I ever made!" (Colorful Colombia)

What our customers say

Katharina, 36, Speyer
Colorful Colombia
Where to begin with so many highlights on this extraordinary trip? First of all, I love the concept: solo travellers between 30-45. Fits me perfectly. I also particularly liked the variety during the trip. Big cities with their flair and history and especially as a graffiti and street art fan, I got my money's worth. But there was also a lot of nature, flora and fauna (I love that too). One highlight followed the next and it was never boring. There was something for all senses. We saw a lot, experienced a lot, tried out a lot and, above all, partied a lot. We danced away any excess energy ;) The accommodation was top notch. (Especially my camper van and the rest of the creative campsite). The guide, Marcel, did a very good job with a lot of expertise and good humour. And Sina was the best supervisor before the start of the trip (tips and tricks for booking flights or activities on site) were sent by email. So I always felt well looked after - even when I wanted to "do something on my own"...I am a fan of Indico Travels* and find the concept and the implementation excellent so far. I can't stop raving about it and keep recommending them :) *These reviews were written when Indico Travels was still called MiAventura, so we changed the name here accordingly.

What Indico Travels can do for you

Are you a 30-45 year-old solo traveler that enjoys company? Would you like someone else to take over trip planning for you? Or perhaps you're not keen to solo travel as a woman? You've come to the right place! We at Indico Travels create small group tours for solo travelers 30-45 years old. On our trips, we combine the highlights that your destination has to offer with unique, unforgettable activities - such as staying in a tree house overnight in Nepal. Meet locals, cook traditional dishes together, check out the nightlife and delight in stunning landscapes. Let us take over the trip planning and coordination while you simply enjoy your well-earned break! Are these singles' trips? We don't specifically offer tours for singles. Around a third of our travelers are in relationships and join us without their partners to treat themselves to some "me time". Are you normally a solo traveler? On a group tour you can get to places you'd otherwise miss out on - for example a lodge in the Colombian jungle that is only accessible by boat. If you're keen to explore the world, join a solo travel group with Indico Travels and get ready to go!
Indico Travels Team

We are Indico Travels

Founded in Berlin, Germany by a solo traveler extraordinaire, Indico Travels is a bunch of 30-40-somethings that have a passion for travel and want to help people like them explore our beautiful world in the most memorable way.