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We at Indico Travels have traveled far and wide and believe that travel can be the most exciting and rewarding experience in the world.

We believe everyone should feel empowered to visit their dream destination, regardless whether their friends or partner can join them. Indico Travels tours give you the opportunity to mix the benefits of an adventurous trip with the company, comfort and security that comes with going on a group trip. Get to know new people and potential future travel buddies while you explore the world with like-minded people!

Sina is the founder of Indico Travels. Having lived in a total of five countries in Europe and South America, she is a huge fan of diving into new cultures and connecting with locals. She has travelled to nearly all continents by herself, including traveling to the "End of the World" in southernmost Argentina. As a solo travel expert, Sina loves to share tips and encourage others to set out on their own adventure. Sometimes, though, she did wish she could travel with others over 30 (which are not so easily found in youth hostels!). That's why she decided to make her passion for travel her profession, and created Indico Travels, with the aim of bringing people like her together to go on unforgettable group adventures.

What it means to travel with Indico Travels

Every element of our trips is designed to maximize your experience as a traveller in your 30s or 40s. For example when you stay in a city, we'll pick hotels that are within safe walking distance to local bars. We also know you are on a break from a busy work schedule, so we make sure to give you some time out where you decide yourself whether you want to take part in optional activities or put your feet up.

Our trips always include a range of experiences - from getting muddy to enjoying infinity pools, from learning about the country's history to sampling the local liquor, as we believe variety makes for the most memorable vacation. We'll always introduce you to locals to get to know the country through their eyes, in a way you perhaps couldn't when organising a trip yourself. For example in Lisbon, we are invited by local friends for a rooftop dinner at their house, or in Sri Lanka we stay in a remote village overnight.

Traveling responsibly is very important to us - which is why we do the research and planning needed to make the trip fair for the environment, animals and local communities, so that you can travel with a good conscience. We compensate the CO2 emissions of our trips - including your international flights - and stick to certain rules we have set ourselves, for example not taking internal flights if the route could be completed by a different mode of transport within 6 hours. Check out our responsibility page and our core values for more information!

Our promises to you

Icon Travel with 30-45s
Made for travellers in their 30s and 40s
Each aspect of our tours is made with people like you in mind!
Icon Meet the Locals
Meet the locals
On every Indico Travels trip, you'll engage with locals over typical activities.
Icon No Hidden Cost
No hidden costs
All activities mentioned in our tour descriptions are included - unless marked as optional.

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