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We're proud that our travellers rate our tours 4.7 out of 5 stars on average. Making sure you have a great trip and feel well-supported is our priority! Meet some of our previous travellers and hear about their experience.

Discovering Colombia's hidden gems

Dette, 38 is from Berlin (Germany) and loves exploring the world with friends. She really wanted to visit Colombia, but couldn’t find someone who would join. Dette hadn’t been on an organised group tour and wasn’t sure it would be for her, but when she heard that Indico Travels does trips specifically for people like her, she decided to give it a try and booked her spot!

"I immediately fell in love with the country and the people there! This was mainly due to the special itinerary, as well as the organisation and support from the Indico Travels team who not only do a job, but also put a lot of heart into every moment of this trip. With Indico Travels, I was able to get to know Colombia in a way that I would not have been able to experience on my own. If you are ready to embark on a special adventure, you will return home with great memories and new friends. Thank you to all involved" Dette, Germany - 5 stars, Colorful Colombia


Mountain Adventure in Nepal

Véronique has been on several group tours before and her first trip with us took her to Nepal. She says of her tour:

"This trip is one of the most varied I've done so far. We saw numerous cultural sites, had a lot of exercise and breathtaking views on the 3-day hike, as well as action during river rafting and an adventurous feeling when staying in a tree house in the middle of the jungle, where we were lucky enough to see wild crocodiles and rhinos on the way there […] The contact with the agency is very personal, which is very helpful as preparations in Corona times are more extensive than before and highly can recommend this trip to anyone who wants to discover the world." Veronique, Luxembourg - 5 stars, Nepal: Hiking the Himalayas

Sean on snowmobile

Snowmobiling in Winter Wonderland

Instead of escaping to a warmer climate, Sean chose to go on our pilot trip to Finnish Lapland. There, he and his group loved diving into the snowy landscapes of the Arctic Circle! Sean says of his experience:

"I would highly recommend this trip to Rovaniemi. A winter holiday is so different to a normal holiday and Indico had everything planned to perfection. The accommodation was perfect and riding with Reindeer, Huskies and on snow mobiles gave me a new experience every day of the trip" Sean, Ireland - 5 stars, Lapland Northern Lights Tour

Caro Colombia

Deep Dive into Colombian Culture

Caro had already travelled with other group tour companies before. She made great friends on her first trip with Indico Travels and enjoyed it so much that she's already booked her next tour with us:

"The trip offered an explosion of joie de vivre, hospitality, enthusiasm, variety and lots of good food. Everywhere you look you are surrounded by colour, art, dance and music. This makes you smile or even laugh every day. The itinerary itself was very well-thought-out: You get so close to the people and experience what it means to be at home in a country like Colombia, and you are not "just" a tourist who is transported from A to B to lie on the most beautiful beaches and be catered to all day. Any curious person, who is relaxed, self-aware and interested in the world around them has come to the right place. Thank you for this wonderful travel opportunity!" Caro, Germany - 5 stars, Colorful Colombia

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