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Choose the fare that suits you

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When booking your next adventure with us, you have the option to chose between two different fare types:

Solo travel

CLASSIC Fare is our value option. It allows you to rebook for a low fee or get an 80% refund up to 65 days before your tour.

FLEXI Fare includes added flexibility. Flexi allows you to rebook or cancel your trip at no cost up to day 65 and even provides low-cost rebooking and 80% refund right up to 30 days before departure. For complete peace of mind leading up to and even during your trip, Flexi also includes our Covid Travel Protection provided by German insurance company HanseMerkur.

The best part? We are offering Flexi fare at a 50% discount for all bookings made until the 30th of June!

CLASSIC: Our value fare

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Standard Rebooking

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Early-Bird Cancellation

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Standard Rebooking: Rebook up to 65 days before departure for a small fee (€50), increasing to €75 until 30 days before departure, after which Classic fare cancellation terms apply.
Early-Bird Cancellation: Cancel for an 80% refund up to 65 days before departure. After that, cancellation is still possible, with the refund level decreasing in stages as your departure nears to a 10% refund on the day of travel.

FLEXI: for complete peace of mind

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Fee-Free, Flexible Rebooking

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Last-Minute Cancellation

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+ Added Covid Travel Protection

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Rebook for free up to 65 days before departure. After that, rebook for just €50 until 30 days before departure.

Cancel last-minute with our Refund Promise - should you need to cancel, we’ll refund you in full, no questions asked, up to 65 days before departure. We’ll even refund 80% right up until 30 days before your tour begin.

Added Covid Protection - benefit from peace-of-mind before and during your tour. Should you contract Covid or be forced to quarantine at home, cancel fee-free right up until the day before departure. When abroad, should Covid or quarantine interrupt your tour, our Covid Travel Protection through HanseMerkur will help take on your costs.

Our Flexi Fare

Flexi is valid for all destinations and trips that we offer.

If passengers want to book different fares, they must make a separate reservation for each traveler. To share a room, both travelers should choose the option “half double room”. Our Travel Specialists will make sure that passengers are assigned a room together after the reservation is made.

Changing fares is possible with an unconfirmed reservation. We cannot change fares for confirmed reservations.

The flexi fare is also applicable for bookings with extensions and different airline. Upgrades in flight class to Premium Economy or Business Class can only be booked in the Classic fare.

Bookings in a different class, even if with the same airline or standard group flights (both outbound and inbound), are not eligible for Flexi fare and must be booked as Classic.

Yes, other activities or excursions can be added to the itinerary in the flexi fare.

Yes, other activities or excursions can be added to the itinerary in the Flexi fare as well as Classic fare after booking.

We will happily process a rebooking against a small fee of EUR 50 per PAX.

We will happily process a rebooking against a small fee of EUR 50 per PAX. In addition, we will charge an additional flat EUR 50 fee per PAX for rebooking the local/regional flights for excursions.

Whether passengers booked in the Classic fare or the Flexi fare, we will reimburse the full amount of the down payment if we can’t reach the minimum number of people for the trip to go ahead.

Should passengers contract COVID or be forced to quarantine as a result of COVID before you leave, they can cancel fee-free right up until the day before departure through our COVID Protection Policy, which is included for a limited time in Flexi fare.

Should passengers be denied boarding because of possible Covid infection, they are covered through our Protection Policy when booking in the Flexi fare.

If passengers contract Covid or need to quarantine while on tour, their costs are covered with the Covid Travel Protection (part of Flexi fare for a limited time). They will also receive a pro-rated refund as part of their insurance claim.

Yes, we gladly accept reservations in the Flexi fare if no international flights are needed.

Questions about our new Flexi fare? Contact us now!