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Nepal group tour for solo travelers

Join other 30-45-year-olds on this trip to the Himalayas

Nepal: Hiking the Himalayas
12 Days, 4-12 people


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12 Days

Trip Highlights

Hike the Himalayas

Safari amongst rhinos & elephants

Hindu & Buddhist temples

Stay & cook with locals

Indico Travels' Specials

Travel with other 30-45 year-olds

Meet Ghurkas in their mountain village

Infinity pool with a view of snow capped mountains

Adrenaline rush while river rafting

If you're looking for an experience that offers a mix of physical challenges, cultural depth and moments of reflection in a breathtaking setting, then this might be the trip for you. Experience Nepal's culture, nature and people up close with other 30-45 year old solo travellers.

Enjoy a safari and spot elephants, rhinos and - if you are lucky - even tigers! Discover your inner mountaineer on a multi-day hike on wild trails in the Himalayas, where you'll meet local tribes in remote villages. Gain an understanding of world religions in UNESCO-recognised temples and world-famous stupas. Be brave enough to try river rafting and cook and eat with a Nepalese family. Your action packed trip is rounded off by moments of relaxation by the pool, and shared moments with fellow travellers your own age.

Are you ready? Then let Nepal enchant you with its many wonders on this 12-day journey to the top of the world!

By the way: If you like, you can extend your trip with a contemplative silent retreat in a monastery.