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2 Weeks in Nepal

Join others in their 30s and 40s on this trip to the Himalayas

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Nepal: Hiking the Himalayas

12 Days, 3-12 people

12 Reviews


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12 Days

12 Reviews

Trip Highlights

Hike the Himalayas

Safari amongst rhinos & elephants

Hindu & Buddhist temples

Stay & cook with locals

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Travel with others in their 30s and 40s

Meet Ghurkas in their mountain village

Infinity pool with a view of snow capped mountains

Adrenaline rush while river rafting

If you're looking for an experience that offers a mix of recreational hiking, cultural depth and moments of reflection in a breathtaking setting, then this might be the trip for you. Experience Nepal's culture, nature and people up close with others in their 30s and 40s.

Enjoy a safari and spot elephants, rhinos and - if you are lucky - even tigers! Discover your inner mountaineer on a multi-day hike on wild trails in the Himalayas, where you'll meet local tribes in remote villages. Gain an understanding of world religions in UNESCO-recognized temples and world-famous stupas. Be brave enough to try river rafting and cook and eat with a Nepalese family. Your action packed trip is rounded off by moments of relaxation by the pool, and shared moments with fellow travellers your own age.

Are you ready? Then let Nepal enchant you with its many wonders on this 12-day journey to the top of the world!

Would you like to stay in Nepal for longer? Among other options, we offer a Silent Retreat in a monastery and an extended trek along part of the Everest Base Camp route

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Martin Z

Nepal: Hiking the Himalayas

First of all, I want to thank the Indico team, who made every effort to give us all the information we needed to prepare for the trip and to support us along the way! The concept is great! You meet as complete strangers from various countries all over the world and after just a few days it feels like travelling with a group of friends. Usually, I do not like organized group travels, but somehow it did not feel touristy. The trip itself was full of variety - from the crowded city of Kathmandu with its chaotic traffic to touristy Pokhara with bustling streets full of stores, restaurants and bars, the hike in the mountains with amazing views and beautiful nature in Chitwan national park. My highlights were the Early Childhood Development Center, which is a truly special place that I imagine not many outsiders get to experience, and the hike with all the places we have seen along the way. Personally, I would have liked the hike to be a bit more challenging. All in all, I recommend this trip and traveling with Indico in general :)


Jennifer S

Nepal: Hiking the Himalayas

I'm typically against organized tours because they can be "cheesy" and too "touristy", but this tour with Indico was anything but. Here are some of my highlights: -Anup was an absolutely incredible guide. I feel like he really got to know us. Rajesh and Nimtay also went above and beyond - The days spent in the mountains were the highlight... it's truly breathtaking. Australian Camp is amazing (I do wish I knew it was a 1000m climb in advance- I would have prepped more but Anup modified things for me. Maybe an opportunity to have a group who does the more intense hike and one that does the less intense? Or just a warning in advance) - The dinner / momo making with the family - we felt SO welcome and it was so special. - The treehouse was a cool experience and I know Rajesh went above and beyond to ensure we were all comfortable there - Diwali was a really special experience - I feel so lucky I got to stay for this. Absolutely loved the rangoli making and the locals coming to watch. - The Butterfly Home - I don't even know where to begin, but I was incredibly touched by this experience. The mission of what Pushpa is doing is inspiring. I'm not sure how you arranged this connection but it was incredible. I'm still processing the incredible past 3 weeks but I can't wait to travel with Indico again.

Véronique O

Nepal: Hiking the Himalayas

This trip is one of the most varied I've done so far. We saw numerous cultural sites, had a lot of exercise and breathtaking views on the 3-day hike, as well as action during river rafting and an adventurous feeling when staying in a tree house in the middle of the jungle, where we were lucky enough to see wild crocodiles and rhinos on the way there. What was particularly impressive for me was the openness and friendliness of the people who were actually ready with the help of our great guide at any time to tell us about their lives. The contact with the agency is very personal, which is very helpful as preparations in Corona times are more extensive than before and highly can recommend this trip to anyone who wants to discover the world


Stephanie E

Nepal: Hiking the Himalayas

A fascinating trip. Ideal to get to know the country, people and their culture. Great guide and very well organised! Ein spannender Trip. Ideal um Land, Menschen und deren Kultur kennen zu lernen. Toller Guide und sehr gute Organisation!

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