Egypt Group Tour

Discover ancient treasures along the Nile!

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Treasures of Egypt

7 Days, 3-12 people

3 Reviews


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7 Days

3 Reviews

Trip Highlights

Visit the Pyramids & Sphinx

Sail on the river Nile

Decorated tombs in the Valley of Kings

Night tour of Old Cairo

Indico Travels' Specials

Travel with others in their 30s and 40s

Visit colourful Nubian villages

Dinner with an Egyptian family

Optional hot air balloon ride

Ancient Egypt is a source of fascination for many of us. We've seen the pyramids, pharaohs and hieroglyphs in stories, images and movies since we were children. How about breaking out of the second hand stories, and seeing these impressive feats of civilization for yourself?

On this 7-day highlights tour of Egypt, you will visit the absolute Must-Sees, like the Great Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza, the decorated tombs in the Valley of the Kings. Look forward to soaking up the atmosphere while strolling through colourful bazaars, and watching the sun set on the mighty river Nile. What makes this tour extra special, though, is that you will experience Egypt beyond the classic highlights. You visit local communities in their colourful villages on the Nile, and are invited to home-cooked meals with different families. Come discover the real Treasures of Egypt!

Please note that for the February 2023 Abu Simbel Sun Festival Special, the itinerary is slightly different than for other dates. If you're interested in those dates, please select those dates on the itinerary tab.

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