Colombia Group Tour for Solo Travelers

Join other 30-45 year-olds on this colorful trip to Colombia

Colorful Colombia
14 Days, 4-12 people
5 Reviews


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14 Days

5 Reviews
Trip Highlights

Street art in Bogotá & Medellín

Marvel at giant palm trees in Cocora Valley

Explore colorful mountain towns

Climb Piedra del Peñol rock

Indico Travels' Specials

Created for 30-45 year-olds

Boat trip to Caribbean islands

Nightlife in Medellín and Cartagena

Sleep in huts in the jungle

Are you 30-45 years old and dream of visiting Colombia, but don't want to travel alone? Then this trip could be perfect for you!

During this 14-day tour you'll sip fresh coffee with a view of wide, green coffee plantations. You discover sleepy mountain villages and the explosive Colombian game of tejo. You'll hike through Tayrona National Park to gorgeous white beaches. Explore Colombia's major cities, with their rich and exciting history: discover Bogotá by bike, go on a street art tour in Medellín's Comuna 13 neighborhood, and walk through Cartagena's alleys steeped in colonial history.

Local fishermen from a community project take us out on the water in La Boquilla. Upon returning to shore, we cook a Colombian dish with the women of the village. We treat ourselves to a boat ride to a Caribbean island where we can unwind in a tropical paradise.

This trip is planned with people like you in mind: 30-45 year-olds traveling alone and looking to experience a shared adventure.

This colorful journey explore Colombia's many facets. Will you join the ride?

Valle del Cocora


Colombia PAX photo
Carolin, Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Colorful Colombia
My opinions and impressions of this trip could almost fill a whole book, but here are the most important things in a nutshell ;-) The trip offered an explosion of joie de vivre, hospitality, enthusiasm, variety and lots of good food. The fascinating natural beauty and the equally inspiring encounters with impressive people were such a joy to experience every day (for me, an encounter with indigenous people was especially memorable ;-)). The inhabitants of this country have kept their confidence and openness towards strangers, despite the difficult past, and you notice that in every region. You are welcomed with open arms. Everywhere you look you are surrounded by colour, art, dance and music. This makes you smile or even laugh every day. The itinerary itself was very well thought out and one must bear in mind that I was on the pilot trip. But I think everything worked out very well. One must always remember that travelling to countries that do not correspond to our "German standards/expectations" is not very easy for travel agencies either, because the local customs, such as punctuality or work ethic, may not correspond to what some people expect. The advantages of travelling like this are: you get so close to the people and experience what it means to be at home in a country like Colombia, and you are not "just" a tourist who is transported from A to B to lie on the most beautiful beaches and be catered to all day. You cook together with locals, they show you their cities and rural life, and what it means to be here every day and not just for a few days. This makes you realise how little you need in order to be happy and how much you get back when you give just a little. If you are interested in breaking away from your everyday life for a short time to experience an adventure, to explore a country, grow every day, to leave your comfort zone, Indico Travels* is the right place for you. Sina is so passionate about what she does and has really inspired me with her sensitivity for the needs of travellers, the variety she packed into the itinerary, the perfect organisation and cooperation with the people on site and her curiosity for discoveries. I could write many more things, but there is simply too much to say. Any curious person, who is relaxed, self aware and interested in the world around them has come to the right place. Thank you for this wonderful travel opportunity!
Dette, 38, Berlin
Colorful Colombia
I immediately fell in love with the country and the people there! This was mainly due to the special itinerary, as well as the organisation and support from the Indico Travels* team who not only do a job, but also put a lot of heart into every moment of this trip. With Indico Travels*, I was able to get to know Colombia in a way that I would not have been able to experience on my own. If you are ready to embark on a special adventure, you will return home with great memories and new friends. Thank you to all involved <3 *These reviews were written when Indico Travels was still called MiAventura, so we changed the name here accordingly.
Katharina, 36, Speyer
Colorful Colombia
Where to begin with so many highlights on this extraordinary trip? First of all, I love the concept: solo travellers between 30-45. Fits me perfectly. I also particularly liked the variety during the trip. Big cities with their flair and history and especially as a graffiti and street art fan, I got my money's worth. But there was also a lot of nature, flora and fauna (I love that too). One highlight followed the next and it was never boring. There was something for all senses. We saw a lot, experienced a lot, tried out a lot and, above all, partied a lot. We danced away any excess energy ;) The accommodation was top notch. (Especially my camper van and the rest of the creative campsite). The guide, Marcel, did a very good job with a lot of expertise and good humour. And Sina was the best supervisor before the start of the trip (tips and tricks for booking flights or activities on site) were sent by email. So I always felt well looked after - even when I wanted to "do something on my own"...I am a fan of Indico Travels* and find the concept and the implementation excellent so far. I can't stop raving about it and keep recommending them :) *These reviews were written when Indico Travels was still called MiAventura, so we changed the name here accordingly.