2 Weeks in Colombia

A colourful adventure for travellers in their 30s and 40s

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Colourful Colombia

14 Days, 4-12 people

32 Reviews


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14 Days

32 Reviews

Trip Highlights

Street art in Bogotá & Medellín

Marvel at giant palm trees in Cocora Valley

Explore colorful mountain towns

Climb Piedra del Peñol rock

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Created for people in their 30s and 40s

Boat trip to Caribbean islands

Nightlife in Medellín and Cartagena

Float through the jungle on inflatables

Are you in your 30s or 40s and dream of visiting Colombia, but would love someone else to take on the planning, or would rather travel with others? Then this trip could be perfect for you!

During this 14-day tour you'll sip fresh coffee with a view of wide, green coffee plantations. You discover sleepy mountain villages and the explosive Colombian game of tejo. You'll hike through Tayrona National Park to gorgeous white beaches. Explore Colombia's major cities, with their rich and exciting history: discover Bogotá by bike, go on a street art tour in Medellín's Comuna 13 neighbourhood, and walk through Cartagena's alleys steeped in colonial history.

Local fishermen from a community project take us out into the mangrove forest in La Boquilla. Upon returning to shore, we cook a Colombian dish with the women of the village. We treat ourselves to a boat ride to a Caribbean island where we can unwind in a tropical paradise.

This trip is planned with people like you in mind: travellers in their 30s and 40s looking to experience a shared adventure.

This colourful journey explore Colombia's many facets. Will you join the ride?

Valle del Cocora


La Boquilla

Jo D

Colourful Colombia

If you are wondering whether to do this Colombia tour then stop wondering and book - you will not regret it. I have done multiple tours as a solo traveller with multiple companies and this is the best hands down.



Colourful Colombia

The trip was amazing! The journey through Colombia was fabulous. It is such a beautiful colorful and diverse country. There is a lot to see and experience. From salsa dancing in the bustling cities to horseback riding in the beautiful countryside to relaxing on a Caribbean island with great people. Always happy.


Mina Kirollos

Colourful Colombia

I had an unforgettable time in Colombia with a very friendly group. First, the itinerary is almost perfect; my Colombian friends were impressed by how much we could see and do in 14 days. The tour was also very-well organised before and throughout the tour with the tour guide and the agency able to sort out any issues almost without us noticing. Colombia itself is a wonderful destination, with each region having a different climate and something special to offer, but all had beautiful colours and delicious food. The different activities made us feel we have been there for a month, not just 14 days. Much recommended.

Comuna 13 Medellín rappers

Jasmin B

Colourful Colombia

I loved our trip to Colombia. Colombia is so colorful and the the people are amazing. The activities on the trip are awesome. I couldn’t choose one I enjoyed the most because I loved all of them. Colombia wasn’t how I expected it - it was even better! I can highly recommend this trip!


Nina N

Colourful Colombia

I loved this trip! Our group was super cool and itinerary was packed of places and little adventures! In particular I enjoyed the horseback riding which was super fun although or because no one of us was an experienced rider. And we all turned back to teenage years again while tubing on the river ! Also the bike tour im Bogota and the graffiti tour in Medellins Communa 13 was super cool! The grand final was the private speedboat tour in Cartagena! Fun fun fun! It was so nice to experience this with others people at my age! Definitely a recommendation for everyone who wants to see and do a lot without the planning stress 😀 this trip makes the most out of the 2 weeks.


Peter E

Colourful Colombia

This trip to Colombia offers various highlights: exciting mountainous landscape, vibrant cities and many insights into the country's history and culture. The nice and carefully chosen itinerary combines a variety of activities (e.g. horse riding in an amazing environment, biking in turbulent Bogotá, hiking in picturesque Cocora valley, diving into Medellin's and Cartagena's exciting day and nightlife). I highly recommend this amazing trip.

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