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Our Values

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Our Values

As part of the Ventura Travel family of brands, Indico Travels is committed to helping you explore the cultures of this world in a responsible way. These four values are the foundation of our brand and our tours.

C for Connecting


Our goal is to give our travellers the opportunity to not just merely travel around a place and visit sights and beaches. We want to build bridges and connect people from all over the world! We do this by having mixed groups of solo travellers from all kinds of different backgrounds - Europeans, Americans, people from the Middle East and many more. Through their shared adventure, they can make new friends and broaden their horizon. But it's not just about the people in the group. It's very important to us that our trips connect you with the locals. We do many activities in local communities, where our travellers get to play games, learn new skills like cooking local dishes or pottery and make new friends along the way. We don't want our groups to feel like mere observers - they get to dive deeply into the local culture and get to know the people who give every place we visit its unique and exciting character!

H for Heart and Soul


Our team consists of passionate travellers only! We know what makes a good trip and we put our heart and soul into giving you an unforgettable experience. But we also want to move your heart and soul! It's not just about seeing amazing places - it's the right mixture of people, carefully crafted itineraries and attention to detail that makes our trips so special! It is our mission to not only let you return home with memories of magical places, but adding that extra emotional sprinkle on top that you only feel when you connected deeply with a distant land and the companions you travel with!

E for empowering


We want to give people the opportunity to travel the world and gain insight into other cultures and ways of life. But some people, especially young professionals, might not have travel companions to accompany them due to limited vacation days and difficulties in scheduling. This is where we come into the picture: Our trips empower solo travellers to overcome their hesitance to travel by themselves by bringing them together with others who sit in the same boat. Lasting friendships and incredible memories have been formed on our trips, which would likely never have happened without us.

R for Responsible


In times of mass tourism, we want to show how to get travelling right! We feel a great sense of responsibility towards the places that we visit - for nature, animals and people alike. We try to have a positive impact on communities and limit our carbon footprint as best we can. All of our tours that are over 10 days long directly support at least two local community projects. From empowering women to giving disenfranchised people economic opportunities - we take our responsibility seriously! We also calculate the expected CO2 emissions caused by our trips and set them off accordingly by investing in various projects that work towards lowering or even reversing the production of harmful greenhouse gases. Most of the projects that we support are located in developing countries that need our help the most on our shared path towards a sustainable future.

See our values reflected in all of our tours for those in their 30s and 40s!

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