Indico Travels Press Coverage

We don't know about you, but we love it when people talk about us! Here are some publications that we have been featured in so far.


The Guardian

One of the UK's leading newspapers have featured a whole page about travelling with ICO, as well as why our founder Sina Reischauer founded the brand.

Evening Standard

The Evening Standard

We've been featured in the Standard twice! They published a review of our Lisbon & Sintra tour, in which the author was delighted by the laughs she had with her co-travellers, the insider tour of Portugal and said it was "impossible to pick a highlight" of her time in Sintra. The Standard also featured our founder Sina's story which started in London, where the paper is based.

Hin & Weg Logo 3

Hin & Weg

This podcast is the number one format for the German speaking tourism industry. Sven Meyer and Andy Janz keep you updated on what's happening in the tourism industry. We explain why we started Indico Travels and what our vision for the brand is.

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