Santorini blue dome

Greek Islands Group Tour

Greece island hopping for 30-45 year-olds

Greek Islands Adventure
10 Days, 4-12 people


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10 Days

Trip Highlights

Cruise through crystalline waters

Stunning Santorini

White moonscapes at Sarakiniko

Visit the Acropolis in Athens

Indico Travels' Specials

Greek island hopping with other 30-45 year-olds

Discover Kimolos island, a hidden gem

Wine tasting with a view of Santorini's caldera

Tasty Greek cookery course

Are you dreaming of turquoise waters and whitewashed villages, the wind in your hair and glass of local wine in your hand? If you also would like a dash of culture & history to enrich your vacation, then this 10-day trip could be perfect for you. We're off to Greece to go island hopping!

Our small group tour of Greece starts in the capital of Ancient Greece, when we visit the Acropolis and trendy bars in vibrant Athens. Then it’s time to hop on board the one way boat for a further nine days in paradise: the Cyclades islands await! As always with Indico Travels, this shared Greece tour for solo travelers is designed especially for people in their 30s and 40s, so we've picked the top 5 islands for people your age. Milos will wow you with its stunning white rocks and moon-like landscapes. Set sail for Antiparos, where crystal clear water invites you for a dip. Sample local produce in fertile Paros. Take a step back in time in undiscovered Kimolos - a small island with authentic charm. And escape the crowds on a beautiful coastal hike and refined wine tasting on the crown jewel of the Aegean Sea - Santorini.

As always on Indico Travels trips, we mix fun activities, cultural exploration and some well-earned indulgence. Note that this trip is partially guided.

Why join a Greece tour for solo travelers?

Island hopping in Greece can be an organizational challenge - there are ferry timetables to consider, transportation to and from the ports.. A group tour means you just turn up with your bathing suit, and we’ll arrange the rest!

The Greek islands are not well-connected by public transport, so you need a car to get around many. By going on a group tour of the Greek islands, you benefit from private transport and locals experts who take you to the best spots.

Santorini in particular is known as a romantic destination and accommodation is high end. Enjoy the island in great company, even without a romantic partner, and enjoy a lovely hotel as part of this group tour. Also, Santorini offers absolutely stunning backdrops, so you and your new travel buddies can snap pictures of each other looking cute!

Did we mention how delicious Greek food is, and that by traveling in a solo travel group you can share all the Greek tapas (mezze)?

Click on the itinerary to find out more about our Greek islands group tour!

By the way: in order to keep other travelers and local communities safe, we have a "must be vaccinated or recovered" policy for all our travelers regarding COVID-19. Find out more here.