Diwali Day 3

Special! Diwali Festival (12-14th Nov 2023)

Celebrate the Festival of Lights

Price: USD 519

Do you want to have a beautiful experience while diving deep into Nepal's traditional culture? Well, you're in luck, because on this tour you have the opportunity to take part in the Diwali Festival. Also known as the festival of lights, it is widely celebrated in Nepal and India. Buddhists and Hindus alike celebrate this special occasion as their second most important event of the year. Over the course of six days, various aspects of Nepalese religion, culture and family bonds are celebrated in streets decorated with flowers, candles and electric lights. Don't miss out on getting a peek into the Nepalese soul, while it is illuminated by the lights of Diwali!

Next dates for this are 12-14th of November in 2023.

Price includes accommodation in a shared twin room. Upgrade to a single room for $102 - add a request to your booking!

Day 1 • A City in Bloom

Diwali Day 1

After breakfast, visit Ason Market with your guide. Like many places in the city, it is especially teeming with life during Diwali! Get a feel for the energy that starts enveloping the city, as the festivities start and locals decorate the streets.

Later, you make your way to Bakhtapur, the city of devotees. You find yourself in a place engulfed in the scent of flowers and illuminated by colourful lights. Mingle with the locals as they enjoy singing and dancing to two traditional songs, Deusi and Bhailo. Bhailo means ‘wishing good’ and is performed by women. Deusi traditionally entails men going door to door singing.

Have dinner together in town, before heading to bed. Your head is full of colourful impressions as you drift off to sleep.

Meals included: Breakfast, Dinner

Transportation: Private Bus (1:00h)

Day 2 • A Parade of Colors and Nepalese Hospitality

Diwali Day 2
Diwali - Rangauli
Diwali Day 2 Food

Enjoy your breakfast at the hotel and head out to explore the wonderfully decorated alleys of Bakhtapur. Witness the Bhintuna Rally, a parade featuring music, dance and colorful costumes!

Next, visit Bakhtapur Durbar Square, a UNESCO heritage site, that served as a filming location for the movie "Little Buddha". It is especially stunning during the festival!

In the afternoon, drive to Patan. Join the local tradition of creating circular mandalas that are usually placed in front of house entrances, a practice called Rangauli. The Nepalese are very proud of this craft - so much so that competitions are held for the most intricate pieces!

Later you are invited by a local family to celebrate Mha Puja. This ritual is traditionally guided by the matriarch. It is intended to bring good health, peace, and prosperity to participants. This a very special peek into traditional family life in Nepal! Enjoy a festive dinner with your hosts. Afterwards, take a memorable stroll through the illuminated streets of Patan.

You'll stay in the heart of town, in Hotel Timila.

Meals included: Breakfast, Dinner

Transportation: Private Bus (1:00h)

Day 3 • Goodbye Nepal!

Diwali Day 3

What a whirlwind of colors, scents and hospitality these past two days have been! You’re driven to the airport with incredible memories of a mesmerizing festival. Time to say goodbye to Nepal! Have a safe journey home!

Meals included: Breakfast

Transportation: Private Taxi (1:00h)

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