Silent Retreat in Monastery

Escape the noise and meditate with Tibetan monks

Price: USD 298

For a few days, escape the noise of our modern world to a monastery on a hilltop, where you will meditate with Tibetan monks. The idea of a silent retreat is to not speak at all, to go on an inner journey instead. Take this opportunity to sort your thoughts, refrain from using technology and escape the clutches of social media and the like. Use this personal time out away to get to know your inner, silent power.

During your stay, experience a guided meditation with a monk.

The minimum duration of the retreat we offer is 2 nights - but some people choose to stay longer. Just get in touch if you'd like to stay more than 2 nights.

Included: All meals, accommodation in a shared twin room in the monastery, as well as transfers there and to Kathmandu airport afterwards.

Day 1 • Kathmandu - Namobuddha Monastery

Namobuddha Aerial
Namobuddha Temple
Namobuddha Interior

Today you head to beautiful Namobuddha Monastery to spend a few days in tranquility and silence after your exciting and eventful trip through Nepal. After a two-hour drive from Kathmandu, you climb the ancient stairs that wind up the hill on which the monastery is located. The complex consists of three main parts: The six-story main temple building who's main purpose is worship and meditation, a monastic college dedicated to the study of Buddhist philosophy, and a section for the various aspects of work associated with life in the monastery.

After having been allocated your shared twin room, you will have a simple vegetarian lunch with the resident monks in the dining hall. Refreshed by the healthy meal, explore the premises and get attuned to the slow paced rhythm of life here - what a refreshing contrast to bustling Kathmandu.

You begin your inner journey by participating in the afternoon ceremony in the monastery's main hall. Do you think you are ready to take your vow of silence? It's up to you whether you want to begin your silence now or tomorrow morning. Once you are ready, you'll hang a little sign around your neck, indicating that you are not available for conversation, so you won't be prompted to break your silence by the monks or other guests.

Meals included: Lunch, Dinner

Transportation: Private Bus (2:00h)

Day 2 • Namobuddha Monastery

Namobuddha Candles
Namobuddha Buddha
Namobuddha Landscape

Days start early in the monastery: You will rise between 5:00 and 5:30 am (depending) on the season. If anyone is not a morning person, you won't hear them grumble as they have vowed to be just as silent as you!

Join the monks in the assembly hall, where you participate in meditation and Puja rituals. This monastery is run by Tibetan monks, and the morning ceremony beautifully showcases the marriage of Buddhism and Hinduism that is so typical for the way they worship their deities. After about two hours of transcendental practice, return to the earthly realm and have breakfast in the dining hall. Monastery food is very simple, healthy and light - perfect to be able to focus on the workings of your mind.

Your stay at the monastery is meant to provide you with an opportunity for introspection, so you are free for the rest of the day, between meals. Maybe you want to take a stroll through the beautiful and peaceful premises? Sit and reflect in the gardens? Maybe you want to relax in private or just silently observe life in the monastery? It is entirely up to you.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 3 • Namobuddha Monastery - Kathmandu

Namobuddha Valley
Namobuddha Golden Hour
Namobuddha Balcony

You can stay on your silent retreat for as many days as you like - just get in touch. Two nights are the minimum, but many people choose to stay a week.

When your final day at the monastery arrives, after your morning rituals and another vegetarian breakfast, it's time to say goodbye to this magical place. During your short stay, you grew so accustomed to the tranquility of a life in silence that you're not sure how to readjust to life back home. But rather than feeling overwhelmed by what awaits you outside the monastery's walls, you will be surprised by the inner peace and serenity you gained from spending time with the monks, and you'll take that with you.

After a 2-hour drive back to Kathmandu, you arrive at the airport. With lots of new friends and amazing memories from this breathtaking country, you embark on your journey home. We hope to see you again on a new journey!

Meals included: Breakfast

Transportation: Private Bus (2:00h)

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