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Finland, the land of snow and lakes (almost 188,000!), puts more emphasis on the protection of its natural wonders than any other European country. This is why in large parts of its territory, it still boasts a rich flora and fauna that was able to thrive undisturbed since pre-Christian times.

Finland’s most popular destination is Lapland with its ever wintery landscape right at the arctic circle. Lapland is not only the home of Santa Claus, but also one of the best places to admire the breathtaking spectacle of the dancing Aurora Borealis, better known as the Northern Lights.

Apart from its pristine natural beauty, Finland is also famous for its lively metal scene and its many saunas, of which there are more than cars in the country! The brave among you can partake in the Finnish tradition of rolling in the snow naked, after getting the sweat flowing in the sauna. The even braver can try salty licorice, the Finn’s favorite snack!

If you want to discover the wintery beauty of Finland, explore its natural wonders riding on husky and reindeer sleds, and chase the Northern Lights at the arctic circle together with other solo travelers aged 30-45, then our winter adventure in Finland might be just right for you!

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