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Why take a group tour?

The advantages of traveling with a group

Why join a group tour?

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Travelling with a tour group has great benefits: you get access to locations and communities you wouldn't get on your own. You travel with a local expert/ several local experts and everything is organised for you on the ground, so you can just relax into enjoying your new experiences. Plus, you get to meet a bunch of new people your age who are up for shared adventures!

Unsure about joining an organised tour?

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Do you normally plan your own trips? Many of our clients have never travelled with a travel group before - we hadn't either! We specifically developed our trips with people in their 30s and 40s in mind. We give you space in which you can do your own thing, but you can also buddy up with people in the group if you like. Our tours are a great mix between the best activities the country has to offer and some space for your individual adventure.

We at Indico Travels bring together a great mix of English speakers from different countries to explore their dream destination together. Even if you don't find your next best buddy, you'll get to discover a special new place with great access and less stress than when planning solo. So give it a try! Check out our group trips for those in their 30s and 40s now.

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