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The Indico Promise

What sets us apart

Every tour company has a different style and different priorities, and you'll have the best time if you pick one that aligns with your values. Find out here what you can expect on every Indico Travels tour!


Nepal Kathmandu

Unique experiences other travellers won’t have

Benefit from our connections and local expertise! Enjoy special experiences and unique access you would never be able to coordinate if you planned the trip yourself.

Designed for people like you

Save yourself the research, we’ve already arranged the perfect mix of adventure, culture, fun and downtime for travellers in their 30s & 40s! Every element of the tour is selected with people like you in mind.



Connecting with local culture(s)

With us, you will dive into local culture and learn about traditions and context from people who live there. Understand your destination in a way you couldn’t without a guide!

Travel like you live there

We avoid chain hotels and celebrate locally run accommodation, including homestays. We'll take you to insider spots you wouldn’t find yourself.


Cartagena friends

Meet Your Crew

Create new memories with like-minded travellers! Our groups tend to consist of professionals, most are Europeans and women, aged 30–49. 95% of our travellers join their tour solo!

Small groups

Small is better! Never more than 12 people, we keep our group size low to keep your togetherness high and enable more intimate activities, like cooking at home with local families.

With Indico Travels, you can travel with a clear conscience, as the base of our tours is a huge respect and a sense of responsibility towards local cultures, animals and the environment. All our tours are Co2 compensated, and we stick to strict sustainability guidelines agreed with our CSR officer.

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