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January sale

Rules and Regulations: January Sale 2023

§1.1 The following rules & regulations of the January Sale 2023 (hereinafter, the “General Promotion Rules”) extend to Indico Travels, a brand of Ventura Travel GmbH, in this promotion (hereinafter, the “January Sale 2023”).

§1.2 Discounts Qualifying travellers shall receive 200 EUR (£180) or 100 EUR (£90) discount on selected trips per person of the original price on Indico Travels selected trips and departures, listed under section §1.3.2 and §1.3.3.

§1.3 General Rules and Regulations §1.3.1 To be eligible, all bookings must be made and deposit paid between 08:00 UTC on December 27, 2022 and 23:59 UTC on January 31, 2023 (hereinafter, the “Promotion Period”).

§1.3.2 200 EUR discounted trips: here you find the list of trips and departures discounted for this price range.

YNEP - 29APR23 (79223) YCOL - 04APR23, 01JUL23 (79168, 79169) YVCA - 2APR23, 03SEP23 (79073, 79080) YMOR - 09APR23 (78621) YEGY - 19FEB23, 18MAR23 (79639, 79640) YPER - 20MAR23, 12JUN23, 23JUL23 (79751, 79753, 79754) YFIN - 08MAR23 (79091) YPRT - 17MAY23 (79069) YSRI - 05APR23, 21MAY23, 30SEP23, 15NOV23 (29889, 79385, 79890, 79384)

§1.3.3 100 EUR discounted trips: here you find the list of trips and departures discounted for this price range. YNEP - 25MAR23, 23SEP23, 02NOV23 (79222, 79282, 79283) YCOL - 16SEP23 (79171) YVCA - 05MAR23, 27DEC23 (78525, 79082) YMOR - 03SEP23, 22OCT23 (79159, 79188) YEGY - 07OCT23, 18NOV23 (79642, 79643) YPER - 13MAY23, 10SEP23 (79752, 79755) YFIN - 18DEC23 (79387) YPRT - 19APR23, 13SEP23 (79068, 79072) YGRE - 09MAY23, 30SEP23 (79386, 79466)

§1.3.4 Valid for new bookings only

§1.3.5 Cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions or discounts

§1.3.6 All discounts are subject to availability, which may change during the Promotion Period.

§1.3.7 All discounts are determined for specific currencies and, unless listed on the appropriate currency display of the appropriate country market domain of Indico Travels, are not extendable to other country markets.

§1.4.0 Ventura Travel GmbH reserves the right to withdraw this promotion from sale at any time and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions at any time without prior notice or liability.

§1.4.1 Any refunds made with respect to tours booked under this promotion shall be issued at the discounted rate.

§1.4.2 Ventura Travel GmbH reserves the right to cancel any booking due to unauthorised, altered, ineligible, or fraudulent use of discount.

§1.4.3 Ventura Travel GmbH is not responsible for technical or system errors that may interfere with or otherwise prohibit the use of the promotion.

§1.4.4 All tours are subject to the full booking conditions as found here: Indico Travels: https://www.indicotravels.com/terms, https://www.indicotravels.com/de/terms

§1.4.5 All bookings must be made by calling or contacting Ventura Travel GmbH as listed on the respective domains of Indico Travels or by booking directly online through the website of Indico Travels.

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