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Take our travel quiz to see how much you really know!

Take our travel quiz to see how much you really know!

We are always looking to show you the best in travel from around the world. That’s why our trips always include highlights such as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, take you to try the best food of a region, and show you cool animals in their natural habitats.

Try our quiz and see if you can claw your way to victory! We have some great prizes for those who know where the wild things are. See if you can stand out from the herd and impress us with your knowledge. Play now!

Amongst all valid entries, we’ll select two lucky winners who will win an Indico Travels backpack by the brand Deuter, worth more than 100EUR, with souvenirs from across the world. Take part now!

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Why travel with Indico Travels?

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✔ Tours designed for people in their 30s and 40s

✔ We’re passionate travelers and understand your needs!

✔ Meet the locals on all of our tours

✔ Small groups with max 12 participants

✔ CO2 emissions are compensated to 100% by us

Travelling with Indico Travels

Our mission is to get travelers in their 30s and 40s into the world to explore the countries they are interested in. We aim to help you connect with the local culture and people and offer versatile itineraries that mix adventure, beautiful landscapes and cultural dives. If you dream of seeing the Northern Lights, Colombia, Morocco - no need to wait, join one of our group tours now!

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