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Africa - a huge continent of over a billion people, cradle of humanity, home to some of humanity's most ancient civilizations and the planet's most awe-inspiring wildlife and natural wonders. Rainforests, deserts, savannas, unique cities, amazing coastlines and diverse people and cultures - Africa has it all!

This continent can seem like a challenge, especially for solo travelers. One-sided news coverage might give you a wrong impression or raise concerns in terms of safety and ease of travel. But Indico Travels has got you covered! On our guided small group tours of Africa, you can explore this fascinating continent with like-minded solo travelers and a local guide who knows their way around. Explore the fascinating and diverse countries of Africa with peace of mind.

Whether it's surfing on South Africa's rugged coast, tasting the aromas of Morocco's exotic cuisine or exploring the otherworldly beauty of the Sahara desert - this continent is definitely one worth discovering!

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