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When independence meets shared adventures

Packing your bags to explore the world without friends or family is so rewarding! As a solo traveller, you grow in confidence, have time to learn about your true self and connect with new people. You can redefine yourself and get a new perspective on your life, all while discovering a new place.

Why join a solo travel group?

As we reach our 30s, many of us have busy work schedules and don’t want to spend all our spare time planning an itinerary. We want to delegate to experts, who know the destination and have insider connections for great experiences. We are tired of sleeping in creaky hostel dorm beds, but aren’t sure how to socialise with other people if we stay in a hotel. We might have still not visited our dream destination, because we’re not quite sure it's safe going there all alone.

95% join Indico Travels tours solo


This is why so many individual travellers book group tours. In fact, around 95% of our travellers at Indico Travels join our tours solo! They want to connect with others in their 30s and 40s and discover a new place with local experts, without having the headache of planning logistics, booking hotels and researching the hottest bars to hop between. We've got all the insider tips for you!

You can say goodbye to dorm rooms, hello to a good night’s sleep, as accommodation in a shared twin room is included in the price. Our itineraries are designed to help solo travellers connect, and you can choose to break away for some solo time in addition to the many adventures you’ll have as a group, if you wish. The perfect mix!

Ready to explore?

If you’re a solo traveller in your 30s or 40s, and keen to explore the world with local experts and like-minded new people, check out our tours!

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