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Women: the badasses of travel

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We’re going to say it: women are the badasses of travel! Did you know that more women than men embark on solo trips? And that in heterosexual relationships, it’s usually the woman who books holidays?

As brave and adventurous as we are, travelling as a woman can come with its downsides. Safety is a big concern for those who hit the road solo, with the need to look out for oneself becoming tiring. Also, many women have remarked that they get taken less seriously than when travelling with a male companion - ever been questioned why you’re not married yet by a random taxi driver before?!

Female travellers: unite!

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Female travel groups were born out of the desire to find other women to travel with. Not only can travelling together be useful in terms of safety and cost efficiency (e.g. sharing rooms), but with a bit of luck, the shared adventures can lead to new friendships.

Indico Travels was founded by Sina Reischauer, an avid traveller who has explored nearly all continents solo. As she struggled to meet people her age when backpacking the world, she decided to create her own travel brand to bring people in their 30s & 40s together to explore in a group.

Indico Travels: A female-led brand for women travellers

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As a female-led brand, Indico is proud that over 80% of its travellers are women. The mainly female team prioritises the needs of women solo travellers when designing new tours, for example arranging individual airport pick-ups in destinations outside of Europe. In the interest of making a positive impact with our visits, itineraries are subject to strict ethical and environmental considerations - for example preferring locally run accommodation, so money stays within the region. In the spirit of sisterhood, many tours also incorporate community projects that specifically empower local women and children, for example our Morocco and Nepal tours.

Let’s go, girls!

Keen to discover a new place on a tour designed for women? Join one of our tours for travellers in their 30s & 40s! Check out the itineraries and get in touch if you have any questions.

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